G Star Jeans, a extremely Dutch design

Published: 18th July 2011
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G Star, a Dutch firm which was founded in 1989, produces a broad assortment of stylish clothing, with a particular concentrate on �raw� or unwashed denim jeans. Taking inspiration for their designs from military uniforms, their jeans come in a assortment of shades of blue, and usually characteristic fake flip-ups and button flies. Fashionable yet comfortable and durable, they have become synonymous with good quality cuts and dyes.

Their dark, urban really feel has discovered favour with the younger pupil crowd, particularly in Europe, but now also in the United States of America, subsequent the brand�s international expansion. G Star also creates a multitude of other kinds of apparel, from t-shirts, jumpers and denim jackets to caps, shorts and sneakers.

The Netherlands, and Amsterdam in distinct, is brimming with pattern-setting fashion boutiques, and even though the country�s fashion business does not have the very same clout or assets liked by their rivals in Milan and Paris,it has been extensively recognised for the previous decade or so as getting at the forefront of ground-breaking chic. It is not all that shocking that G Star Jeans emerged from this innovative and creative setting.

A short stroll through the cobbled streets and beside the rippling canals of Amsterdam is enough to find out that nearby residents all have a particular, understated feeling of type.

But what makes a reasonably modest nation these as the Netherlands, with a population of just sixteen million, punch over its excess weight in so a lot of regions? A single of the globe�s major 10 exporting nations, it also on a regular basis boasts the lowest unemployment fee in Europe. It prospects the continent in attracting foreign investment. It has had many well-known painters, writers and inventors. And even its football team has got in on the act, reaching three Entire world Cup finals!

Several level to the country�s education technique, which was not long ago ranked in the world�s best ten. The Dutch government has worked hard to make university education accessible for all, and this has designed a nation hungry for knowledge and established to make their mark on the globe. To this finish, they understand foreign languages in massive numbers - nearly 3 quarters of the population of the Netherlands possesses a very good stage of spoken English.

They are a fiercely independent individuals, proud of their status as liberals and totally free-thinkers. They do not have a tendency to often follow the guidelines, which would explain why so many of them have pushed the boundaries in a variety of domains.

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